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Updated: Aug 18, 2018

I first got into radio as a kid when my Mum would take us to school and as a family we listened to Capital Breakfast in the car. Our favourite feature flirty at 8:30 if anyone even remembers that? When I was a teenager, I started a morning paper round doing double shifts where Capital became a station that got me through the mornings despite being awake at 6am and getting paid less than minimum wage. I hated the job I was doing but it was them early starts where my real passion for radio began. One time on the show they were talking about Katie Price splitting up with Alex Reid and he was seen kissing someone else within 24 hours. I text in... never thought they would call me up and put me on air “so Dave from Surbiton what’s your quickest rebound?” (Not realising my full identity would be revealed) replying in a high pitch voice about getting off with a “model” the day after my break up, however the less said about that the better and fingers crossed no one EVER digs that audio out from the archives!

Must say a massive thanks to the legend Paul Gerrard who saw something in me and has continued to give support from day 1. If it wasn’t for Paul, I wouldn’t of done half the things on this crazy journey I call work. The whole team in Brum are actually amazing especially Gaynor (Who treats me better than my own Mum), JD and Kenny too and I love it when I get to visit all of them making me feel very welcome. Also been lucky enough to get regular shows at the South Coast and work with such talented people even if one of them is my girlfriend and I’m excited for her future at Global as much as mine. Thanks to Brent Tobin too for all the support, advice and beers along the way.

I was buzzing to be presenting on Capital from London across the network earlier this year. Lots of my mates dream of being a footballer and walking out at Wembley but this was my equivalent and it didn’t fail to deliver. Hoping for many more in the future.

So now I’ve got all the soppy bits out the way and my big thank you speech acting like I won an Oscar, I’m pleased to reveal I have signed a contract to launch a brand new Capital FM station for Brighton and presenting Capital breakfast with Miranda starting 3rd September 6-10am.

Also so happy to have a good mate on the line up as well! Niall Gray on Drive who is a great presenter you should listen to his show as well (he paid me to say that)

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